Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rhubarb is in season

I love rhubarb.
I always knew it was summer time when my grandmother was out in her little garden cutting the long thick stalks of rhubarb to bring them into the kitchen. 
My grandfather sometimes made a rhubarb nectar that was so delicious ~ just like drinking sweet wine.
Such a treat as a young child.
my grandmother would always make strawberry rhubarb sauce that would simmer for a bit on the stove-top.
It smelled so good ~ we could hardly wait till it was ready to be eaten. 
 Pouring it warm, over vanilla ice cream would melt it into a creamy goodness that is beyond description.
And I almost was also amazing poured over fresh baking powder biscuits 
with real homemade butter to boot! 
There's nothing quite like the taste of the sweetness when you put it in a pie.

Add some strawberries and one word...


Now that truly means summer has arrived for me!
(that and the last day of school)

Fortunately, I have some growing here at home...both strawberries and rhubarb ~ but the strawberries aren't quite ready....
So I picked some up at the store when I saw that my rhubarb was ready. 
I mixed together the pastry for the pie and put it in the refrigerator to chill for an hour or so,
A quick wash of the fruit,
Some slicing chopping, 
and a toss in the bowl my filling was ready
Once my crust was rolled out it was placed into the pie pan, filled with the fruit mixture,  
brushed with an egg wash then sprinkled with sugar.
And popped into the oven. 
Oh ~ the most trying part comes now....
 while the smell fills the house with it's delicious aroma!
Worth every minute!

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